Amber - "Gold of the North" - for centuries been the greatest wealth of Baltic.

Even in the days of the Roman Empire from the Baltic coast through Europe began its run to the famous amber routes.
Our company continues the tradition that began centuries ago Gdańsk amber masters.
The jewelleries were made of natural baltic amber since centuries which still designed in the present time. The jewelleries are fashionable and loved by many due to the originality and magical of the amber. Amber Jewellery is valued and well-known around the world, the presents made of amber baltic jewelley is appreciated and admired by those who receive them.

Our mission is to spread the magic of natural amber, by offering you elegant jewellery, designed with attention to every detail in both  modern designer and a classic version. We guarantee the highest quality and authenticity of amber.
Amber has always been our passion, so we are content that we can present you with the great jewellery made of Silver 925 & Natural Amber Baltic.
Our dream is to make our customers satisfy with the service and have amazing experience with us. This is the reason why we provide excellent customer service and fantastic jewelleries to our customers.  


Baltic amber it is a fossil resin witch formed under natural conditions 45 million years ago.

It remains in the fossil stage since this process is ongoing,

amber keeps changing so we can assume that it is a “living” stone, friendly to humans.

And so, this unique stone has been fascinating human kind for well over a dozen

millenia and has been a material for art and craft,

as well as a stone it is thought to have magical and medical properties.

This stone brings luck it supports and enhances positive energy.